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The first group of the AGLOMAR company, born in the 40s when his founder Mr. Francisco Llobregat Sepulcre plasterer by profession begins manufacturing the MONOCAPA products for his own consumption.
The experience between consumer and manufacturer was gradually transferred to the next generation. So that when Mr. Llobregat Sepulcre dies (1979), is his offspring which gathers, improves, expands and adjusts the business to the new times.
In the face of the high demand created at the second half of the 80s, is designed an own production plant where the entire process is perfectly automated, likewise the products acquire sundry stamps of quality (AENOR, CEE, IQNET) that today allows to keep exporting, with total guarantee, to the foreign countries (USA, France, Brazil, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, etc...).
As can be seen The AGLOMAR Group counts with the assurance of a generational continuity and the commitment that this grants.

Make the difference with the innovation has seen since always the philosophy upon which The AGLOMAR Group has laid the bases of its own vision of business.
Since the commencement, our task has seen to establish a organization working when our mission is distinguished for a constantly innovation and a shared values.
Our ingrained enterprise culture identifies The AGLOMAR Group how the best company in counseling services and the technical assistance.
Our products and services qualify to The AGLOMAR Group how a solid company which provides a solution for modern architecture, historic restoration and the interiors and exteriors design.
They are adequate for cladding and facade renovation.


EUROAGLOMAR, S.L. Ptda Cucuch,s/n Pol.46 Par.60 03660 Novelda (Alicante) España