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EUROAGLOMAR is a manufacturing company of arising cement for building. In its wide range of products, has available decorative facade coating for both horizontal and vertical parameters as well as indoor and outdoor, such as monolayers, technical mortars, etc.

Mortars for Facade Coating

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Monolayer coating mortars for outdoor or indoor are supplied ready for use.

Are marketed in a wide variety of colors and textures, being the most common:

        • Aglomar-P -- “Projected arid” .
        • Aglomar-R -- “Scraped finish” .
        • Aglomar-I -- “Printed finish” .
        • Aglomar-F/F -- “Trowelled thin” .

Adhesives Cementitious

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The mortar glue is a kind of adhesive mortar for laying walls and floor ceramic tiles, both indoors and outdoors.

Is made up gray or white cement, siliceous mineral filler or calcareous and certain additives.


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